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When using AK400 things to note

24. března 2016 v 9:33
1. Use the AK400 need to install the software, the software must be installed on your computer WINDOWS XP, be sure to turn off the antivirus software.
2. AK400 is connected through a COM port. You must first select the COM port after the software installed. Then select the IC model, and then began to read and write IC.
3. Generate new key information through the IR software.
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Benz Smart ECU remap with Ktag 6.070 master

23. března 2016 v 10:40
Just done a Mercedes Benz Smart fortwo ECU remap with K-tag master ecu tuning kit.
I am using Ktag 6.070 Ksuite V2.11 China clone. Firmware v6.070 is the better fw version works great with older ksuite 2.11/2.08
picture attached:

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What's is Car MCU

16. března 2016 v 8:45
Automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) relates ABS reset tool anti-lock brakes, airbag reset tool, brake control, steering control, engine control, cruise control, start and stop, automatic parking, integrated navigation (GPS and Gallileo), etc., as this system was introduced, automotive ecosystem is becoming more interconnected and more complex. At the same time, automotive electronics also replaced a lot of trivial features such as light control, air conditioning, power windows, engine start, door opening, adjustable and heated seats, and so on.
In general, each function of the car by a network microcontroller (MCU) to manage these MCU use the same communication bus to exchange data and information, including for power transmission, chassis and body electronics functions CAN, FlexRay or LIN bus, and MOST fiber-optic network for the infotainment system and Ethernet.
Development environment from a purely mechanical to complex electronic environment, despite the active and passive security aspects as well as driver and passenger comfort point of view, does add a lot of added value, but at the same time, since these engine control unit (ECU Tuning Tool) cross each other even, it also raised significant safety concerns privacy and data reliability. For example, decades ago, CAN bus is designed not required to have a high degree of safety, in fact, the car's internal communication bus CAN message will be sent to any other part of the system, and does not support any authorization, identification and encryption protocols. Modern cars use CAN bus to exchange data used to open the doors and start the engine, this information between the ECU and the electronic key inside the vehicle ECU exchange. If the system is compromised, thieves can easily steal the car, and that "hackers" can also access the car to see the car GPS haunts, from the driver to ascertain where and when cars unattended.
In addition, Bluetooth, GPRS or UMTS for implementing e-mail, SMS, video streaming, video phones and other mobile Internet functions, but also expanded the "hacker" attack surface, they can remotely access, intrusions, any communication and driving systems, or insert malicious software to steal all kinds of data, such as real-time location of the car, the route often use and complete the dialogue.
Automotive hardware security architecture
As the name suggests, an "open system" is exposed, it faces the possibility of implementation of various types of attacks are on the rise in several ways. Automobile body interior and the continuous development of external communication networks, automotive electronics is rapidly challenging their own security capabilities.
So far, since the most commonly used transfer bus CAN internal weaknesses, it has been from the perspective of software applications to study the "attack surface." But now, the industry began to turn their attention to the hardware architecture, and how to "seal" ECU makes it difficult to penetrate and avoid illegal manipulation, such as unauthorized installation, the malware contained, "Trojan horse" software upgrades and false, or at least limit illegal access and leave conclusive evidence of tampering.
Because of this, through the silicon device manufacturers and a leading automotive OEM manufacturers, to develop a new generation of capabilities for the automotive MCU. Such quad-core microcontroller using special security kernel that HSM (Hardware Security Module), to provide security and protection, HSM contains an internal security system configuration, security starts, ends, external access protection, flash protection, encryption and protection of life Wait.
Figure 1 is embedded inside the ECU HSM Hardware Security Module
Figure 1 is embedded inside the ECU HSM Hardware Security Module
Shown, HSM module embedded in the ECU shown in Figure 2, and absolutely independent of other memory and peripheral access to the relevant kernel data and code flash sector has a dedicated, reserved and strictly limited access.
2 security features five different stages of configuration
2 security features five different stages of configuration
Configure system security
System security configuration is the first step in the protection of sensitive data at the hardware level before powering the reset stage full control over the initial configuration, to prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized tampering.
Use of equipment configuration format (DCF), a silicon device manufacturers and software developers are able to retain all the initial configuration, which can puncture test internal DCF-related special memory address, ECC (error correcting code) during start-up and breakdown test and inspection user errors and parity errors.
In the reset phase, using a variety of incremental steps, you can check some of the security features. In this way, cross-checking is controlled by a few parameters, you can prevent a variety of means to attempt to modify the special memory address, or forcibly change the startup to load the new firmware malicious attempts.
Rule-based architectures device features pre-defined state. Several safety design provides a level of security so that the software developer has a high degree of freedom in the final realization of their applications. In fact, some low-level software applications often can give third-party developers, and design and implementation of incremental, irreversible protection to meet the requirements of different developers raised. In addition, most security mechanism is activated to consider the life cycle of the equipment (DLC) situation. Silicon device manufacturers and software developers can build five possible increasing the irreversible configuration, in order to achieve counter-measures against intrusion and manipulation attacks.
For each stage, the level of security will be enhanced, and can not be revoked. From the beginning of the second stage, the customer delivery stage, this very limited security mechanism for the software development phase to provide the greatest degree of freedom, and in the open field device stage, complete a variety of security features.
Typically, the transition phase to the production phase in JDP customer delivery stage, transferred from the original equipment manufacturer to the hands of the hands of the first software developer, which the MCU integrated into more complex systems. Delivery stage to OEM customers from the production stage, the third party in order to protect their intellectual property, usually for the last device development software applications. Eventually, the stage equipment arrived at the scene, we need to take a series of control and protective measures irrevocable end application in automotive embedded inside to meet OEM manufacturers and system developers and car manufacturers requirements. "Fault" is the final stage of production equipment used to test the device to be returned to the factory system, in the process, some of the relevant security features will be disabled, to avoid the MCU because the life cycle of protection have been identified to fail.
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Kia K3 1.6L brush ecu upgrade (power bursting)

11. března 2016 v 8:57
Kia K3 1.6L brush ecu Upgrade Reference Price: 4500 yuan

Observant people will find modern and Kia K3 Lang move they are fundamentally the same car, only some differences in appearance, exactly the same engine and transmission. While both cars are naturally aspirated, but the original ECU calibration procedures are relatively conserved subtle power, unsatisfactory. It proves the upgraded ecu program, improve power quite obvious, quite bring a small T feel. In the end is really crappy original program or a program to force foreigners to upgrade? I believe the owners have experienced some idea.

K3 brush ecu upgrade

Comparison of the data before and after the upgrade:
Before upgrading maximum horsepower: 128HP before upgrading maximum torque: 156NM
After upgrading maximum horsepower: 148HP After upgrading maximum torque: 180NM

Kia K3 brush ecu upgrade method:

K3 Lang move and upgrade methods, like computer board needs an overhaul. ecu computer position in the engine compartment next to the battery, the battery needs to win in order to remove the ecu computer, as shown below.

K3ecu Upgrade

K3 Bosch ME17.9.11 engine computer, you need a BOOT upgrade method. With ECU upgrade equipment KATG into Kia, select (P339) protocol, according to the drawings welding good Boot line, pin CAN-H, CAN-L and power lines can be programmed to read and write.

k3 brush ecu

After reading program distributed foreigner engineers tuned, wait about an hour, the new program can be sent back to write ECU.

ktag brush k3 upgrade

Commissioning Experience:

Whether start, shift, hard acceleration, dramatic improvements, starting with a strong sense of pushing back, automatic transmission shift smoothly than before, less than the basic rub feel a sense of frustration. Rapid acceleration force to push back the outbreak obvious. After the test car, the owner did not brush ecu asserted before the opening K3 is the feeling of pain to describe.

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Foxwell NT510 update and get additional software

10. března 2016 v 10:55
Free Download Foxwell NT510 update and get additional software PDF:

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Do not wait bald back tire puncture tires and more related to aging

9. března 2016 v 9:49
A puncture in a variety of road accident ratio is really high, aging tires must be checked and replaced. Reporters repeatedly seen in the pits, vehicle tires have been using over the useful life or the number of kilometers, still maintenance division told, "no problem, has not been removed, can continue to use." Security risks everywhere.

The main material is rubber-based tire, rubber products and has a limited life, according to the official statement of the tire manufacturers, tire life under normal circumstances should the vehicle in two years or ten thousand kilometers of the 6-8 range. Of course, in actual use, follow the provisions of our car costs may be too high. So, in general, professional advice, if you usually do not use frequently, and car environment is not bad, the normal use of the tire generally four years is not a problem, but remember that the tires used up to four years, it must be replaced. But Chinese consumers are accustomed to using a tire "polished" in order to give up, do not form the habit of regular quantitative replacement tires in urgent need of improvement.

Therefore, in order to avoid accidents caused by tire aging, we recommend that the owner of the car tires still need ground inspection, and the date of manufacture of the tire to be clear, so that my heart there at the end. For the best tire wear situation, adjust the tire position is necessary. Cars can refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual regarding tire rotation guidance. Insiders proposed 8000-10000 km per tire tune a bit, even with less than 8000 km, if irregular tire wear, it should be adjusted position, at the same time, check wheel alignment should be promptly identify the cause of irregular tire wear .

To check the tire ground, especially the owners of long-term driving traffic is bad, this is essential work, can not be ignored, after all, driving poor road conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tire. When you find the tire gradually harden, crack and other aging happens, you should not hesitate to change a tire, especially those with similar bubble projections, it means there is structural layer has been broken, can not afford to tire pressure the blistering, at any time have a puncture occurs.

In addition to the tire puncture accidents caused by aging, the incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of the puncture. So owners have to develop their own tire pressure checks good habit, also recommended that the owners themselves with a simple tire pressure table, a month for four tire pressure every detected, so that owners do own heart has a bottom . Finally, I must mention is that for the spare tire and conservation concerns, otherwise it is impossible to cope with emergency situations, only worse.About Car information please search Foxwellnt644 Foxwell NT510 Foxwell nt301

Volvo V50 Tachometer correction with digiprog 3 (fixed)

3. března 2016 v 8:18
Problem before entering:

I am trying to change mileage on Volvo V50 2004 dash with digiprog3 odometer master clone v4.94.

I have downloaded a German version user manual and soldered 3 wires as shown in German manual (checked pin numbers). Adapter 51 has 4 wires. Pin 25 (white on original, or orange on clone) left unsoldered. I'm getting "ERROR INIT" message on screen. Processor is MC9S12DG128B. I selected HCS12 in digiprog 3.

What I'm doing wrong? Then I contacted my dealer. The uobd2.net technician helped solve the trouble. It should work for whom has DP3 on this dash.

I checked the Volvo V50 HCS12 user manual with digiprog iii again, and noticed that at least 4 wires, vss, vdd, tx and rx should be soldered.

I posted the attachment they provided.
volvo v50 odometer correction digiprog3

  1. Remove and disassemble tachometer.
  2. Connect as shown in the photo above the plug 51 with the marked soldering points. 3. PICTURES on the following page
  3. Select the program: cars / trucks -> VOLVO -> V50 HCS12.
  4. The DIGIPROG displays the old / wrong Mileage.
  5. Program and completed the new / correct Mileage.
NOTE: Pin-signal= end of white wire in first picture

The job needs good soldering/ desoldering skill. Lucky, the problem was settled.
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