Do not wait bald back tire puncture tires and more related to aging

9. března 2016 v 9:49
A puncture in a variety of road accident ratio is really high, aging tires must be checked and replaced. Reporters repeatedly seen in the pits, vehicle tires have been using over the useful life or the number of kilometers, still maintenance division told, "no problem, has not been removed, can continue to use." Security risks everywhere.

The main material is rubber-based tire, rubber products and has a limited life, according to the official statement of the tire manufacturers, tire life under normal circumstances should the vehicle in two years or ten thousand kilometers of the 6-8 range. Of course, in actual use, follow the provisions of our car costs may be too high. So, in general, professional advice, if you usually do not use frequently, and car environment is not bad, the normal use of the tire generally four years is not a problem, but remember that the tires used up to four years, it must be replaced. But Chinese consumers are accustomed to using a tire "polished" in order to give up, do not form the habit of regular quantitative replacement tires in urgent need of improvement.

Therefore, in order to avoid accidents caused by tire aging, we recommend that the owner of the car tires still need ground inspection, and the date of manufacture of the tire to be clear, so that my heart there at the end. For the best tire wear situation, adjust the tire position is necessary. Cars can refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual regarding tire rotation guidance. Insiders proposed 8000-10000 km per tire tune a bit, even with less than 8000 km, if irregular tire wear, it should be adjusted position, at the same time, check wheel alignment should be promptly identify the cause of irregular tire wear .

To check the tire ground, especially the owners of long-term driving traffic is bad, this is essential work, can not be ignored, after all, driving poor road conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tire. When you find the tire gradually harden, crack and other aging happens, you should not hesitate to change a tire, especially those with similar bubble projections, it means there is structural layer has been broken, can not afford to tire pressure the blistering, at any time have a puncture occurs.

In addition to the tire puncture accidents caused by aging, the incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of the puncture. So owners have to develop their own tire pressure checks good habit, also recommended that the owners themselves with a simple tire pressure table, a month for four tire pressure every detected, so that owners do own heart has a bottom . Finally, I must mention is that for the spare tire and conservation concerns, otherwise it is impossible to cope with emergency situations, only worse.About Car information please search Foxwellnt644 Foxwell NT510 Foxwell nt301

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