Kia K3 1.6L brush ecu upgrade (power bursting)

11. března 2016 v 8:57
Kia K3 1.6L brush ecu Upgrade Reference Price: 4500 yuan

Observant people will find modern and Kia K3 Lang move they are fundamentally the same car, only some differences in appearance, exactly the same engine and transmission. While both cars are naturally aspirated, but the original ECU calibration procedures are relatively conserved subtle power, unsatisfactory. It proves the upgraded ecu program, improve power quite obvious, quite bring a small T feel. In the end is really crappy original program or a program to force foreigners to upgrade? I believe the owners have experienced some idea.

K3 brush ecu upgrade

Comparison of the data before and after the upgrade:
Before upgrading maximum horsepower: 128HP before upgrading maximum torque: 156NM
After upgrading maximum horsepower: 148HP After upgrading maximum torque: 180NM

Kia K3 brush ecu upgrade method:

K3 Lang move and upgrade methods, like computer board needs an overhaul. ecu computer position in the engine compartment next to the battery, the battery needs to win in order to remove the ecu computer, as shown below.

K3ecu Upgrade

K3 Bosch ME17.9.11 engine computer, you need a BOOT upgrade method. With ECU upgrade equipment KATG into Kia, select (P339) protocol, according to the drawings welding good Boot line, pin CAN-H, CAN-L and power lines can be programmed to read and write.

k3 brush ecu

After reading program distributed foreigner engineers tuned, wait about an hour, the new program can be sent back to write ECU.

ktag brush k3 upgrade

Commissioning Experience:

Whether start, shift, hard acceleration, dramatic improvements, starting with a strong sense of pushing back, automatic transmission shift smoothly than before, less than the basic rub feel a sense of frustration. Rapid acceleration force to push back the outbreak obvious. After the test car, the owner did not brush ecu asserted before the opening K3 is the feeling of pain to describe.

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